ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A TRUSTWORTHY MECHANIC? "Look no further - Quality Mobile Repair"


My name is Kevin Dewitt plus I’m ASE Certified!

Yes! I will bring the shop to you! Look I'm like all the dealerships, of all vehicles. Yes motor homes too. Plus I do wiring to. Plus I can diagnose allthings too. Plus there's nothing I cannot do; that is the truth. All you have to do is call me. And get your free today quote! That will be the price to you bottom line. Plus I will give you the very best price in town. Yes I will grantee all of my work. That is my word to you. I have been a trustworthy mechanic for all of my clients for 34years now. All you have to do is call. Yes! I will give you a fair quote. Thanks for giving me a chance. Plus I'm licensed and insured too.


You can call me and ask for Kevin 435-272-2124

Quality Mobile Repair – Business


I will bring the shop to you, at your home, work place or were you are broken down. Please go to my Business page for more details!

Quality Mobile Repair - Services

  It can happen every day that small or major damages of your vehicle need to be repaired. The unexpected can happen at any time.

  Let me do a service check on your vehicle, and it does not matter what make of vehicle you have. "My mission is to save your vehicle from all unwanted damages   caused from lack of visual inspections."


Please visit my services page for more details!